The Jessica McCreary Real Estate team asked Trio Marketing for help in designing and sending their existing quarterly email newsletter. Upon talking in more detail about Jessica’s business objectives, we saw an opportunity to better integrate the newsletter with a more inclusive strategy to include targeted list management, a newsletter redesign, blog posts, social media, and Facebook advertising.


As in so many cases, Jessica and her team had built a good foundation with the newsletter. Our team saw additional opportunities to fill a few holes, build upon that foundation, and deliver results. First, we looked at cleaning her contact list and then adding a layer of segmentation to help create targeted content, and thus, impact engagement. Then, we looked for areas to promote the newsletter on her website and her social spaces to continually generate new subscribers. One example was adding a widget to her Facebook Business page. Third, we developed targeted content for her blog based on keyword data and industry trends. The content was promoted on social outlets. Finally, we adapted the blog content, created, and sent the newsletter.


The Jessica McCreary Real Estate Team, based in Houston, TX, is the recent recipient of the “Top 20 Under 40 in Houston Award" and is a proud member of Tammy Bateman Properties.

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